We are a company that produces high quality virgin Malaysian hair. We are a globally recognized distributor of top end Malaysian hair with a significant market share in the united States of America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Malaysian hair is the leading hair extensions in the market right now.

Malaysian hair type has a natural shine that lasts even after washing. When curled, Malaysian hair does not drop or loose its original form. You do not need any product to keep the curls in shape. It is ideal for the working woman or the lady who wants to maintain a highly executive and power look.. Compared to other hair types, Malaysian hair has a softer, silkier and sexier feel and look. It has enough body, thickness and strands volume. It works wonders with all hair styles giving you your personal and signature look. Our Malaysian hair is naturally straight and black.

We are pleased to announce our wholesale offer to all our clients worldwide. Our wholesale package is very attractive and mutually beneficial. Orders can either be made online or through placing a call to our office. Please visit our contacts page to get in touch with us. Our sales team also does follow up on our existing customers to preempt their order needs. We do not produce our products on order but stock in our state of the art warehouse. This means that the turn around time for orders is minimized. We have several convenient payment modes that our customers can chose from. Shipping of our orders is through DHL that is reliable and has a global reach. We guarantee that orders depending on where you are located will reach you within 3-5 business days and a maximum of 15 days. We allow our customers to operate accounts with us whereby a customers can order on credit goods valued at 100 hundred percent of the they have money deposit with us. Wholesale customers also enjoy significant discounts and bonuses.

Consider making us your premier Malaysian hair supplier and you will never regret.